Birds Nest Removal From Dryer Vent

Is your dryer taking a long time for you to dry every load of clothing? 1 factor you may need to examine is the fact that no birds or mice have taken up residence inside your dryer vent! You see birds prefer to be good and warm as well as your dryer vent is just that, additionally, it comes with a good supply of lint to create a dream nest. How you can check out simply find your dryer vent on the outside of your house. If you're not certain which vent will be the dryer try operating your dryer for a couple of minutes and check your vents, feeling for warm air. As soon as you discover the vent check inside for unwelcome guests. If it's a plastic exhaust vent that's missing any louvers/flaps then there's a good possibility tthat something enjoying free board inside your vent.

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A nest inside your dryer vent may cause your dryer to function extra hard, it'll trigger lint to build up within the vent and deep inside your dryer, as well as your clothing will take longer to dry. Dryer vent cleaners of Los Angeles can come and eliminate the nest and replace your old vent with a good new one. We adore all animals however they have their place and we've ours, if we are able to relocate the nest we'll. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to eliminate your birds nest or mice, we would also suggest dryer vent cleaning!

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