Mission Hills, CA Dryer Vent Cleaning and Repair

Do you still remember the last time that you had your dryer cleaned? Remember that lint and debris can easily build up in your clothes dryer and will cause your dryer to exhaust at less than its optimum efficiency. This will then lead to potentially hazardous conditions, such as carbon monoxide intrusion and at any time, fire could erupt.
If the gas clothes dryer is incorrectly vented and the exhaust duct itself is blocked by some debris and lint, the carbon monoxide will be forced back towards your living space. We at Dryer Vent Cleaning Pro can help you with your dryer vent cleaning needs. We have highly certified technicians who will inspect, clean and fix your venting system.

Prevent House Fire

Dirty and damaged dryer vents are among the main contributors to house fires. A clogged dryer duct system can make a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something would be able to catch fire. Lint can accumulate at the outdoor hood bird screen, on the dryer lint screen, as well as on the duct fittings. The dryer venting system can also be clogged if the dryer hose is crimpled right behind the dryer or that the dryer duct got damaged during the installation process.
A blocked venting system, even those that are partially blocked, can easily trigger fire. When you call us, we will send over our team of highly certified dryer vent cleaners who will check your venting system to see if there is lint or other debris that are clogging in it. They will clean it up well and make sure to remove anything that is blocking the vent system.



Shocking Video Reveals Lint Build up Within the Dryer Vent & Dryer!

This video shows lint we recently removed from a customer. With 6 family members they use their dryer a lot, having been within the house for 6 years the dryer vent had never been cleaned. For more information check out these resources: EPA | Consumer Reports | CSIA | This isn't the fault from the owner, as numerous of our customers merely don't realize how lint builds up in their dryer exhaust system and how important it's to clean the whole dryer vent as well as the inside from the dryer.


Avoid High Electric Bills

A poorly performing dryer vent will also make you spend a ridiculous amount of money because of electricity consumption. Remember that if your dryer is faulty, it will take a lot longer for things to get dry. As a result, the equipment will be able to consume more electricity than the usual and will greatly increase your electricity bills.
Furthermore, undisturbed dryer vents would easily attract rodents and some of them will even linger there and this could be the reason why sometimes, there is an awful smell in your dryer. Aside from the bad smell, these rodents will be trapped in the equipment making it to become dysfunctional, and as a result, more energy will be consumed when drying clothes. Aside from cleaning your dryer, our dryer vent cleaner will also provide repair services to your vent system, so you will not be faced with exorbitant electric bills.

Save Time in Drying your Clothes

As mentioned, failure to clean your clothes can make your dryer to become dysfunctional. As a result, it will take a whole lot longer before your clothes would get dry. An inefficient dryer can be a big waste of time. Although the average dry time of clothes in the dryer will greatly vary, this should take up only a few minutes. But a faulty dryer could take up to an hour before it dries your clothes.
So if you notice that your dryer lately is taking longer to dry your clothes, you better call us immediately so we can schedule for dryer vent repair services. Our technicians will do the necessary inspections to identify the problems in your dryer and will address the issue in the best way they can. You can guarantee that we’ll provide you with the best services since our technicians are highly trained for the job. Right after they fix the problem with your dryer, your dryer will be fully functional once again and thus, it will be able to efficiently dry up your clothes. According to the US Fire Administration, there have been more than a thousand cases of fire that took place in a year as a result of a faulty dryer. Oftentimes, the main reason why the dryer becomes dysfunctional is failure to clean the equipment. So before any fire hazards can take place, call us for your dryer vent cleaning needs.
We will make sure to remove all lint, debris, and other particles that are blocking your dryer vent system. Other than cleaning, we also provide other services such as dryer vent installation and repair. If you need a new dryer installed, we can send over our team of technicians to facilitate the installation. And if your dryer stops functioning, you can count on us for the dryer vent repair.
If you notice that your dryer is becoming hotter than the usual, then you should be alarmed. Call us immediately so we can arrange for our staff to visit your house. Our team of Mission Hills, CA dryer vent cleaners will make use of high tech gadgets and tools to inspect your dryer. If it needs cleaning, a high powered vacuum might be used to remove all debris and lint that got clogged up in the vent.

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