Dryer Taking Long Time to Dry? It is Not Your Dryer it is Your Dryer Vent!

In case your dryer requires too long to dry your clothing then there's an easy method to figure out what the issue is! The dryer is an pretty easy appliance it heats up via the heating element then the blower draws the hot air via the drum, more than the damp clothing causing the water in clothing to vaporize then pass out via the dryer vent. Now when the dryer isn't hot it may be either the element is dead or the thermal fuse has blown. When the thermal fuse has blown then this really is safety measure since the dryer has got too hot primarily because of a clogged dryer vent it's usually very best to get your dryer vent cleaned prior to getting the thermal fuse replaced, otherwise it'll most likely blow once more. When the element has blown then this may require an appliance repair service.

Indicators Your Dryer Vent is Causing Your Dryer To Take Longer To Dry

Your dryer is hot on the outside - this is telling you the dryer vent is clogged and needs cleaning! The hot damp air and lint isn't able to escape outdoors and is staying longer inside the dryer.

Plenty of lint within the laundry room, the home is dusty more than normal
The clothing are hot but also damp, the laundry space might also be humid.

All you need is to contact our dryer vent cleaning team, we always take time to inform and show you the homeowner the actions we take to make sure safety and boosting the efficiency of your dryer vent. For dryer vent cleaning contact us at 877-707-9649

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