Is Your Dryer Vent On the Roof? It Might be a Fire Hazard!

When you have a second floor laundry space your vent will terminate either around the roof or around the side of your house. While it's fantastic to have a second floor laundry space, it's extremely difficult for many house owners to ensure the vent cap or roof vent is kept totally free from lint accumulation. Some second floor dryers are close to the outdoors wall creating it simple for the house owner to disconnect the dryer from inside and attain in to clean the dryer vent. Nevertheless numerous laundry rooms are within the middle from the house with longer runs which are not possible to clean with out expert gear, or they're venting as much as the roof.

Roofers Using Incorrect Roof Vents Could Result in a Dryer Fire!

It's not fair to say roofers can't read, but when a dryer roof vent says 'Do Not Use This Model for Dryer Venting' it does make you wonder! Right here at our dryer vent cleaning company we can only believe that when roofs are shingled or re-shingled they don't usually know which vent will be the dryer vent. It is not difficult to figure out but when under pressure to get the job carried out it could get overlooked. Having said that following re-shingling it is simpler to figure out as lint is usually present within the vent.

roof dryer vent

So What's the issue with Dryer Roof Vents?

Well apart from the clear reality they're out of sight and out of thoughts, they can't be checked by the homeowner to make sure they're not clogged! Actually numerous property owners don't know exactly where their dryer vents lead to. The primary problem using the dryer vents are they've screens in the end stopping lint from escaping. This causes lint accumulation via the dryer duct and after that towards the inside of the dryer itself. This lint accumulation prevents the dryer from blowing the damp air and lint outdoors as fast as it should.

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