How Can We Help With your Dryer Vent Cleaning Needs?

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, there has been an increasingly number of fire occurrences as a result of a faulty dryer. Aside from losing your home property, you could end up putting your life in danger, as well as that of your family. Perhaps, it has been so long since you last cleaned your dryer. Why don't you take a minute to check it out and see if there are some lint and debris that are clogged in your vent? If there are, then you could be in for a real danger.
But do not panic for we can take care of this issue for you. We have highly trained staff that can provide you with the dryer vent cleaning services that you need. Aside from removing the lint and debris that got clogged in there, they will also provide the necessary repairs in order to keep the dryer vent in excellent working condition.

Prevent the Cause of Household Fires

As mentioned, dryer fires are on the rise in the recent years and it is therefore important that we keep our dryer clean. The removal of dirt, debris and lint in your dryer vent can help to prevent the threat of fire. Whenever we dry our clothes in the dryer, small fibers from our clothes will come off and will flow through the dryer and some of which will be caught on the lint screen. However, the lint screen will only catch about 40% of the lint and will leave the rest to flow out of the dryer and into the vent system.
These small particles of fiber will soon dry out and might float towards the heating elements of the dryer. When this happens, fire could easily escalate. We are a professional dryer vent cleaner who is very much aware of the danger of a clogged dryer vent. We will remove the buildup of lint and other particles in your dryer vent so to prevent any fire from taking place.



Shocking Video Reveals Lint Build up Within the Dryer Vent & Dryer!

This video shows lint we recently removed from a customer. With 6 family members they use their dryer a lot, having been within the house for 6 years the dryer vent had never been cleaned. For more information check out these resources: EPA | Consumer Reports | CSIA | This isn't the fault from the owner, as numerous of our customers merely don't realize how lint builds up in their dryer exhaust system and how important it's to clean the whole dryer vent as well as the inside from the dryer.


Lessen your Electricity Consumption

The clogged lint and debris in your vent system will soon begin to gather on certain areas inside the vent system and will restrict the flow of air. This restriction will prevent the dryer from working well efficiently and drying clothes will take longer than the usual. Remember that clothe dryers are known to consume a lot of electricity, next to water heater. When your clothes take longer to dry as a result of the lint buildup, the dryer will work harder just to get things done. Our dryer vent cleaners will make sure to remove any lint and other clogged particles in your dryer vent which prohibit the dryer from drying your clothes well. This will prevent your energy consumption from increasing immensely and will prevent you from having to spend a lot of money on your electricity cost.

Reduce the Clothes’ Drying Times

Remember that a full load of washing will only take up to 50 minutes to dry. Usually most would dry up in only 30 minutes although this will also depend on the kind of dryer used. However, after we perform dryer vent cleaning, you will notice a great reduction on the drying time of your clothes. Therefore, you will not be wasting a lot of your precious time in having to wait for the clothes to dry up. You can therefore focus on doing other important tasks in your house. Based on our experience with past clients, most of them have noticed that their clothes are dried before the next load of washing is completed.

Preventing Water Damage

You might have noticed that there is water on the floor right behind your dryer. Or perhaps, you see some damages on your ceiling. Sometimes, water will actually begin to drip through the ceiling which causes further damage to the home. This happens because the dryer vent is clogged up and is restricted. Thus, the moisture from the dryer will not be able to escape. Remember that the dryer is designed to carry both air and water and will begin pooling on any low spots and seep through the seams of your vent. The water damage often goes unnoticed for some time until such time that the ceiling is saturated and dryer vent repair is done or perhaps, replacement will be made.
Safety is the number one reason why people would need their dryer vent cleaned. And again, the number of dryer fire incidents is increasing in the recent years. The cause of this is the buildup of lint and a defective dryer vent. If you call us, we will perform the necessary inspections to find out the root cause of your dryer vent problems.
We will then formulate the best solution for you and if there is a need to replace your dryer vent, we will recommend new dryer vent installation. Whatever problems you may have on your dryer vent, make sure that you address this the soonest possible time.

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