Why Screens Shouldn't be Used on Dryer Vent End Caps

Screens should never be used on dryer vents for the basic reason they stop lint escaping. While this doesn't occur straight away it does so gradually as time passes, damp air escapes initial followed by lint that sticks towards the dampness inside the dryer vent and if a screen or grill is fitted the lint begins to bond to it as well. More than a time period this then types a lint plug like you see within the photo.

Keep Pests Out Can Increase The Danger of a Dryer Fire?

Some individuals place screens over the end cap of their dryer vent to stop birds or critters from moving in. While this might seem to sound right, the truth is it's not the very best of choices as as soon as the vent gets plugged in the end, the lint has no where else to go. Just like cholesterol it builds up as time passes and begins to restrict the airflow therefore lint begins to accumulate inside the dryer itself. Lint begins to settle inside the dryer cabinet and on or about the dryers heating element.

Dryer Fires Begin Inside The Dryer

So the screen around the end from the dryer vent caused a lint plug, this then causes the lint to accumulate much more via the dryer vent and inside the dryer. The lint inside the dryer is what causes dryer fires, the heating element glows red and reaches temperatures as high as 190 degrees all it requirements is to get a clump of lint to sit around the element and you can have a dryer fire in your hands.

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